l a u t e r Z E I T
MIDIpal LauterZeit Firmware

(a.k.a. the SPP Mutations)                 Download now: midipal_spp.syx
Updated 16 Sept. 2013 : See revision notes below  



This LauterZeit MIDIpal firmware variant is mostly identical to Mutable Instruments' stock firmware. However, two apps have been enhanced and one removed..



[1] arpeggio : added SPP (Song Position Pointer) compliance +2 new patterns

[2] syncltch : added SPP compliance and foot-switch arm/disarm feature

[3] randomiz : removed this app to make room for the above additions

These app alterations retain the minimalism and spirit of Mutable Instruments' original concept.


Details: arpeggio

The arpeggio app now correctly synchronizes beat/pattern phase upon reception of Song Position Pointer. Two new patterns have been added, including straight 16th notes.

  • Patterns   1-15  :  same as original factory patterns and indices
  • Pattern     16     :  oooo oooo oooo oooo
  • Pattern     17     :  ooo- oo-o o-oo -oo-
  • Patterns 18-24  :  same as factory patterns 16-22 (moved by 2 indices)

The reasoning for the placing the straight 16th note pattern at index #16 is for easy association.

Details: syncltch

The syncltch app has many new features beyond the factory firmware.

* The Synch Latch properly adjusts its clock state to match master's, based upon received Song Position Pointer (SPP). If the cue point happens to be on the programmed beat-length boundary, then playback start immediately. Otherwise, the clocks synchronize but MIDIpal arms the latch to take effect at the next boundary.

* The beat counter display uses a semi-colon (;) indicating when the master device is idle and counter may not be accurate. The usual colon (:) indicates that the master is running and clocks are synchronized.

* Hold Pedal [cc #64] on channel 16 (hard-wired for now) toggles arm/disarm of the latch. The encoder button still performs the same factory functionality.

* Hold Pedal2 [cc #69] on channel 16 toggles an easter-egg mode whereby syncltch only transmits MIDI clock while running. (Not while cued or armed).

* The syncltch app now maintains a 'proxy' of the master sequencer's state, even for those with continuously running clock. Start, Stop, SPP, Continue and Clock are all processed.

* Altered range of the den parameter:

  • Factory :       [1/4] [1/6] [1/8] [/12] [/16] [/24] [/32] [/48] [/96]
  • LauterZeit :  [1/4] [1/6] [1/8] [/12] [/16] [/24]

The reason for containing the range is that it makes possible optimized SPP
math coding - 16bit calculations, worst case. With the factory set, the
SPP math requires 17bit calculations, which make for much larger code!

* This new syncltch application correctly RECEIVES & PROCESSES MIDI SPP, but it does NOT TRANSMIT it. (Does not pass it through to Slave.)

    ----->  There is strong reasoning behind this design.  <-----    
The intent of this app is for linear-based sequencers to control + synchronize simplistic pattern-based or non-SPP-compliant sequencers / drum machines. If the slave device had proper SPP implementation to begin with, then this app might not be required. (!)
                ... So think of this as a way to bridge linear and pattern sequencers.

* You now have the choice to defeat auto-arming prior to Master Start/Cue,
in the case you don't want to the Slave automatically starting.
The default behavior is to automatically arm the latch, true to the original factory firmware.


Example SPP usage:
With num = 16 and den = 1/4 [4 bars of 4/4]
Master transmits SPP=33 & CONTINUE  syncltch automatically
arms and begins counting from
           [09:06]¤   thru   [16:23]¤
then on the next clock tick, it transmits START to Slave at rollover,
           01:00 >
If the SPP=64 - which is a pattern boundary in this example - then
playback immediately begins at  01:00 >   (No cueing / arming.)

Overall, the SPP version of MIDIpal's syncltch app is much more sophisticated than the original without looking much different!
. . . and light-years more advanced than the Mungo SyncZ!


Thanks to Mr. Olivier Gillet for creating this fantastic device!

More info at Mutable Instruments



midipal_spp.syx     [ LauterZeit SPP firmware for MIDIpal ]

IMPORTANT: Before installing this firmware, please make sure you also download one of Mutable Instruments' factory variants in case you need/wish to revert back:


Revision History

  • 16 Sept. 2013 : Fixed edge case bug in arpeggio
  • 09 Sept. 2013 : Initial Release



The relevant MIDI messages in Hex notation:

  • CLOCK: 0xF8    (System Real-Time)
  • START: 0xFA    (System Real-Time)
  • STOP:  0xFC    (System Real-Time)
  • CONT:  0xFB    (System Real-Time)
  • SPP:   0xF2 [LSB] [MSB] (System Common)


Written by Michael Lauter

Feel free to contact me at   mindcine [ a t ] gmail [ d o t] com   regarding this or any matter. Please let me know if you find bugs of any kind and your overall experience with it. I try my best to respond to email within 48 hours, and not later that 72 hours.